Friday, 19 February 2016

An email to the Mayor of Bedford Borough - Update

I received a response to my emails to the Mayor of Bedford Borough – from a paid assistant rather than the man. It’s “budget pressures” stupid, which would be easier for me to accept if the full council had not resolved last month to increase elected members’ allowances. And to pad out the response the writer thought to include what sounded like a Cliché Of The Day which that day was “the need to work together”.

I hear you say it Dear Reader: “I could have told you so.” Or “What did you expect?”

It had to be said though. I tick the box that I said what I felt I had to say and the Mayor’s assistant consigns my concerns to the No Further Action or Thought Bin.

More chance of action had I sent a hard copy of my email up the chimney to the man’s merrier lookalike methinks. Next Christmas then …

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