Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Wilden Footpath No.6 - Good News

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Some good news to report at last. And facts rather than the fibs – some local readers, who commented to me personally, didn’t catch on that my last post was a work of fiction, it being posted on 1st April.

Bedford Borough Council has proposed that part of Wilden Footpath No. 6 be diverted (and a redundant part of FP7 be extinguished). The unavailability of Wilden FP6 because it is obstructed through gardens is an issue which I have been complaining about for some time now. See HERE and HERE.

The proposal makes sense and receives my wholehearted support as representative of the Open Spaces Society. If the proposal is successful with public path orders being made and confirmed then it will be the end of a long-running saga. But more importantly, the public will be able to exercise their right to walk a footpath that links Renhold Road and Barford Road again.


  1. Thank you Brian.
    There are all sorts of folk we take for granted in life that in fact make a real difference to our quality of life and our heritage.
    Hats off to you Sir!

  2. And thank you Sir!

    Most kind of you to say so, as if reading your blog wasn't joy enough.