Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Souldrop Village Green - Unlawful Development Update

Souldrop Village Green
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Knotting and Souldrop Parish Council has developed part of Souldrop Village Green (VG42) - unlawfully, in my opinion. I wrote about it HERE.

Following complaints (mine and one village resident’s) and requests to have the green restored to its pre-developed condition, Bedford Borough Council required the parish council to submit a retrospective planning application which was subsequently abandoned. A new, amended application has been submitted although it still retains the original application date – see Application 16/03052/S73A HERE. (I have found that the Council's website is unreliable so the link may not work.)
My view is that the application should be refused not least because it seems to me that the Borough Council does not have the power to authorise planning permission on a registered village green.
I make my case HERE.
Village and town greens are wonderful assets which should be treasured not spoilt. Souldrop Village Green should be restored to its former pre-developed condition.

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